Where does my body belong?

Each year we orbit around one question in the company of artists and through exhibitions and other programmes. Across the year we explore the edges of what this question offers us, and what artworks and their authors can weave together. In 2023 we ask “where does my body belong?” You can think of this as one exhibition in five parts, as a score played across a calendar, or maybe even as a forest.

Far, far away
April 22 – June 10 2023

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Door, window, world: Maree Horner, J.C. Sturm
February 11 – April 06 2023

This exhibition is specifically located within the realm of the domestic, the routines that make up our daily lives, and the many different roles we inhabit within it. In the past two years we’ve all experienced an acute sharpening of the complexity that is contained within the sphere of ‘home’: it is as much political as it is psychological, creative as it is practical, philosophical as it is emotional. Both Horner and Sturm take up the challenge that it is to harness the many elements that play a role in the processing of and making a life whole through practice. Honing in on the edges of much of this life, their work explores the rituals, forms, and languages we return to in order to craft our worlds and ask could this be otherwise?

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Scores for Transformation
June 24 – August 18 2023

Alanis Obamsawin
September 02 – November 04 2023

Chartwell Trust and Stout Trust New Commissions
November 17 2023 – February 03 2024