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Opening Event, New Artists Show 2020, 08 August – 17 October 2020.

Artspace Aotearoa receives core funding from Creative New Zealand, Foundation North, and Auckland Council (including Waitematā Local Board). We are also grateful for the capital investment made by Lottery Community Grant.


Artspace Aotearoa is indebted to our community who have grown with us over the last 34 years. Throughout this time, we have received varied forms of financial support from our patrons, arts practitioners and visitors. Supporters have contributed to the growth of the organisation; collectively supporting Artspace Aotearoa’s mission to advocate for innovation and increased opportunities within the field of contemporary art in Aotearoa.

Where donations go

We welcome donations of all sizes, as you can see below, even the smallest donation or membership fee enables us to cover important costs. Please contact info@artspace.org.nz if you wish to make a donation.

  1. Half a year subscription to an international art magazine to be shared in our library

  2. A modest scale artist talk or screening

  3. An artist travelling within Aotearoa

  4. The electricity in the gallery for a year

  5. An artist visiting from the region

  6. The production of a special programme, a moving image programme, a sound project, or curatorial programme under The Drift

  7. The production of an exhibition (this varies, no exhibition is the same!)


Installation view of Natasha Matila-Smith: I Think You Like Me But I’ve Been Wrong About These Things Before, 24 February – 01 May 2021

Our annual programme is centred around five contemporary art projects delivered as exhibitions in our main gallery. These programmes bring both early and established career artist perspectives from Aotearoa and beyond. Over three decades Artspace Aotearoa have worked with 2000+ artists, and produced more than 400 exhibitions of commissioned new bodies of work. Critical engagement with cultural and social realities informs all our programming.

Installation view of Noor Afshan Mirza [fka Karen Mirza] and Brad Butler: The Space Between, 2005, exhibiting in the cinema as part of WE ARE HERE: Artists Moving Image from the British Council Collection and LUX, 14 November 2020 – 05 February 2021.)

We operate a modest cinema on our basement level, which is accessible through the gallery and free to all. Designed as a dedicated but flexible space, our cinema provides a framework for exhibiting and encountering new media work, with a particular focus on moving image and cinematic artworks. Since works of this kind travel easily, our cinema programme allows us to exhibit work made overseas and connect with leading international artists, as well as platforming moving image work being made here in Aotearoa.

Marcel Broodthaers, detail from Salle Outremer, L'Angelus de Daumie, 1975. Jacques Faujour, courtesy Centre Pompidou. Image presented in relation to The Drift-Kōrewa: Decor and Conquest, or Marcel Broodthaers’s Message in a Bottle, a digital presentation by Julia Lomas.

The Drift is a curatorial development programme. Addressing the lack of curatorial education within existing academic environments, Artspace Aotearoa has committed to researching the need and viability of curatorial education. Departing from a highly multidisciplinary approach, The Drift shifts and moves somewhat between informal education and formal experience. The Drift programme includes talks, panel discussions, gatherings, screenings and other events that take stock of recent curatorial histories in both global and local contexts. These exercises aim to actively contribute to perpetuating the curatorial discipline by stimulating critical debate and the exchange of collaborative networks.

Artist in Residence: Jade Townsend, 01 March – 05 June 2021, photograph by Harry Were.

Established in 2021, our residency programme responds to the growing unaffordability of studio space and barriers to accessing networks in Tāmakai Makaurau, as well as the value of research opportunities without dictated tangible outcomes. This addition to our programme aims to provide a dedicated artist residency opportunity in the largest urban centre of Aotearoa, connecting and supporting our resident through the facilities and networks available to us. The ability to house local and international artists, curators and writers for a period of 3 months produces high-quality research that benefits our arts ecology. We run the programme by invitation and regular open calls.

pango is black, mangu is too, a workshop led by Ashleigh Taupaki as part of the public programming for New Artists Show 2020, 08 August – 17 October 2020

Our public programme is wide of nature and operates across all parts of our programme. The goal of the public programme is to offer context, insight and new ways of engaging with what you see in our spaces. Public programmes amplify the voice of artistic work and provide a destination to experience diverse knowledge. Our public programme includes - but is not limited to - artist talks, screenings, performances, symposia, parties, digital residencies, zoom hui and more.

The Artspace Aotearoa browsing library.

The Artspace Aotearoa browsing library is available for public use during opening hours. The gallery has an extensive history in publishing that supports and evinces our programme. Alongside an archive of Artspace publications, a range of titles on art and theory from Aotearoa based and international publishers are shelved and available for use in our library. We also subscribe to a range of international art periodicals, such as Afterall, Freize and Artforum. The resources in our browsing library are available to all and constantly evolving - we encourage suggestions on titles you would like made available.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Donations and membership fees support the programming and operations of Artspace in various necessary ways. Please see above for a breakdown of how donations of different sizes might be utilized.

  2. All donations of $5 or more are tax-deductible. Artspace Aotearoa is a registered charity - our Charities Commission number is CC20321. For more information on claiming tax credits, contact us at info@artspace.org.nz.

  3. Collectively our supporters contribute up to 20% of our total revenue.

    All funding bodies would like to see Artspace Aotearoa receive support from our Community. Donations small or big are all welcome as it is the engagement and accountability that we value. Without your backing or support, we would not be able to exist.

Future Horizons

Throughout the year we organise several special supporter events, such as artist talks, group trips, and studio visits. For us, these events are important to connect to our growing community of supporters, to give back, and to provide insight into the work we do. Mostly, these are informal meetups in which we can share our excitement for new work by artists, upcoming projects, and new ideas on the horizon.


We are very grateful to our supporters that enable the sustainability and work of Artspace Aotearoa.

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