18 January 2023

Launch of 2023 Programme

Welcome to Artspace Aotearoa

Each year we orbit around one question in the company of artists and through exhibitions and other programmes. Across the year we explore the edges of what this question offers us, and what artworks and their authors can weave together. In 2023 we ask “where does my body belong?” You can think of this as one exhibition in five parts, as a score played across a calendar, or maybe even as a forest.

To have a body is a pre-existing condition we all live with and in, and spend our lives coming to know what that could mean. While we are all born with a body, each body comes with its own unique capacity and limitations. The whether or how these capacities and limits unfold is greatly determined by the polis (society?) into which we emerge. This year's programme explores the vast range of what it is to have a body, be a body, and participate within the systems that enlarge and confine us in a dynamic friction between a sovereignty project and the drive to participate.

The programme includes national and international voices; works produced in the 1950s through to new commissions; and ranges from rarely seen journals and sculpture, to film, drawing, printmaking, and live experiences. These keystone exhibitions are woven together into all aspects of our public programme that includes online publishing, lectures, readings, panel conversations, special screenings, workshops, visiting practitioners, and more.

Join us.

Door, window, world: Maree Horner, J.C. Sturm
11 February — 6 April 2023

Chevron Hassett
22 April — 10 June 2023

Scores for Transformation
Özlem Altin, Judith Hopf, Laida Lertxundi, Rosemary Mayer, a.o.
24 June —19 August 2023

Alanis Obamsawin
2 September — 4 November

Chartwell Trust and Stout Trust New Commissions
17 November — 3 February 2024